PPC Profit Pros Lifts Fairway Divorce’s Profits 54%


If you’ve ever struggled at maximizing your PPC marketing profit, then this is a can’t miss episode. In the episode, show host, Aaron Adamson, who is also the founder and CEO of PPC Profit Pros, interviews their client Karen Stewart, CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions, about the 54% increase to profit that PPC Profit Pros delivered through application of Aaron Adamson’s PPC Profit Max System

Karen has embraced her role as a consumer advocate and system disruptor to offer clients the best way to divorce. The result is that Fairway Divorce and their proprietary processes have saved families millions of dollars, thousands of hours and, most importantly, helped countless children lead better lives.

In today’s episode, the discussion centers around how the boost to profit is affecting the company now and where they plan to take the company in the future in Canada and the United States. 

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Episode Notes

Ragna Stamm’ler 0:07
Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of ‘Profit with Aaron Adamson’ presenting interviews with thought leaders and industry gurus sharing the latest tools and techniques to maximize your brand’s profits. Here’s your host, Aaron Adamson, marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and founder of PPC Profit Pros, The Profit Focused PPC Marketing Agency.

Aaron Adamson 0:29
Today I have the pleasure of speaking with our client, Karen Stewart, CEO of fairway divorce solutions. Fairway Divorce is the preeminent in-person and remote divorce service in Canada, delivering an impressive 5,300 Plus divorces to Canadians for the past 16 years. She is the author of several prominent books outlining the best method to get divorced so people can move on with their life. Thank you so much for joining me today, Karen.

Karen Stewart 1:00
And thank you, Aaron, for having me.

Aaron Adamson 1:03
So let me just dive right in. Karen, when we first met, you spoke about how your company was spending a lot of money on Pay Per Click marketing, but you weren’t sure how it was impacting your bottom line? Would you mind please elaborating on that?

Karen Stewart 1:21
I’d love to in fact, I think that’s one of the challenges when you’re running a company and you’re spending a lot of money on different areas of marketing, whether it’s traditional marketing, whether it’s online marketing, is really trying to capture what is actually working, and how is this hitting our bottom line. And it’s been a frustration across all areas of marketing. Specifically, though, around the Pay Per Click, where you’re spending often a lot of money per month, and you think it’s working, and you you know, you’re getting clients, because we’re so fortunate to have a lot of success across Canada, but you’re really not exactly sure, on how to measure those results, and how they’re really turning into profitability. And that’s just been an ongoing challenge. Until honestly, Aaron, until I met you.

Aaron Adamson 2:20
Thank you for saying and giving us that insight. So we did a number of things to help with profit, including building profit based dashboards, we helped you and us to know how PPC was impacting your bottom line. And then we started working on improving things. So we implemented profit based bidding, we’ve built a new landing page and tested it against your existing site landing pages, I’m happy to say obviously, we’ve chatted about that the result of that test, which just concluded, was that we increased Fairway Divorce’s PPC marketing profit by 54%. What I’d like to know is what effect that has had on your company and ahead in the future.

Karen Stewart 3:09
Another great questionnaire and I think a couple of things. One is because we are a national company with a number of offices across the country, we have to be very careful and very specific about what we do in each location and each territory. And as you can imagine, trying to figure out what’s working best where is challenging. One of the things I have to say, just as an aside that I love about working with you and your company, is that you guys are very technical, but you work with us in helping take that technical stuff and making it so that we can interpret that for results. And that’s what you’re really speaking about having the ability to measure the results in profit for the amount of money we’ve spent. And you’ve done that for us. And a couple of things out of that one, I am shocked at how profitable PPC is for our business. I anticipated and I thought that was the case, but I didn’t know it. And I will say also that had a lot to do with the way you set up our landing pages and the way you wrote our actual ads. But I was really surprised and happily, so about the fact that we if we spent $10, we could turn that into 50 or $60. And that applied for the entire country. And the other thing that excites me about that is as Fairway grows and as we expand our footprint and brand across Canada, we’re so excited about entering the United States and taking this brand there and now that I’m working with you, I have a lot of confidence about that ability as we move into the states. When we deploy money into our budgets and PPC I can measure results, and therefore drive results. So thank you for that.

Aaron Adamson 5:04
It is absolutely our pleasure and thank you so much, Karen and we’re very much looking forward to the journey ahead. You guys have been fantastic to work with. And you do great work for your clients, and you’re great to work with. It’s gonna be a fun journey. So I hope you’ll join me again. And we’ll kind of check in on things, together, in this way.

Karen Stewart 5:33
Thanks Aaron and that’s very sweet. I sort of interrupted you as we were talking. But that’s really sweet of you to say, and I will say to anybody who happens to be watching this video, it’s not just what you do, but it’s the people you work with. So it’s been a real pleasure working with you and I look forward to building a much bigger, much larger international company with your assistance.

Aaron Adamson 5:55
Let’s do it. Sounds good. Take care, and we’ll talk soon. Thanks, Karen. Thank you for tuning in. We invite you to check out the show notes, action based checklist in any URLs mentioned in this episode that you’ve just listened to at PPCProfitPros.com/1.

Ragna Stamm’ler 6:16
Thank you guys for listening. Please be sure to tell your friends about ‘Profit with Aaron Adamson’. Subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts. You can also find this podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more. If you want to work with our team to maximize your pay per click marketing profit, visit us at PPCProfitPros.com and fill out our short form at the top of the page. Our site also includes a wealth of resources including free PPC competitor and profit audits, PPC marketing tools, videos and more. To reach Aaron Adamson directly, email Aaron at PPCProfitPros.com. Until next time, we wish you a wonderful profit filled week.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

  • Find & Measure PPC Marketing Profit: Don’t just stop at lead optimization when it comes to PPC Marketing. Even though it is a lot tougher to capture revenue and costs associated with PPC marketing, it is worth the work, as Karen says, she was shocked at how profitable PPC marketing is for her company, once PPC Profit Pros revealed it to her.
  • Profit Optimize the Whole PPC Customer Journey: Once you know what your PPC marketing profit is, optimize every part of the journey for maximum profit, including keywords, ads, landing pages, conversion forms and phone calls.
  • Maximize Share of Voice in the Digital Shelf Space: Once your brand is dialed into profit, grow that profit by making sure you are getting as much of the profitable impression share from all profitable channels as you can, without budget capping whereby you are going dark part way through the day.
  • Grow Your Company Through Geographic Expansion: Once you are profitable, leverage the power of PPC to target new geographies so you can grow you profit through lateral expansion.


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