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Get us to manage your brand's pay-per-click marketing with our Profit Max System™, backed by our exclusive access to Skai AI profit boosting software. We are leaders in B2B & B2C Pay-Per-Click marketing for professional services firms (Accounting, Insurance, Financial, Legal, Health, Educational, & more...)

25% to 480% more profit delivered to date.

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Aaron Adamson, Founder & CEO, PPC Profit Pros

PPC Profit Pros was designed by Aaron Adamson to be a new kind of agency, focused on maximizing pay per click marketing profit for clients.  99% of marketing agencies and in-house marketers optimize on leads, which will never give brands the most PPC profit.

Why don't more marketers focus on PPC profit?  Because it is hard, complex work.  Most don't have the knowledge, experience, advanced strategies, tracking or software needed to do marketing work that maximizes gross marketing profit.

We know through 12 years of tests that one of the most important things you need to do is to use Skai AI bidding technology in tandem with engine bidding.  Engine bidding alone doesn't cut it, but most don't test deeply enough to discover this fact.  We've made millions for brands and beat their competitors with this technique.


How Our Profit Max System™ Works

profit focus

Profit Focused NOT Lead Focused

We maximize your marketing profit, by spending more on leads that make you more money, and less on ones that don't.

Skai AI High Profit Software (5)

Exclusive AI Profit Max Software

We hold the license for Skai AI marketing software for small to mid-sized brands. Our twelve years of tests show it is best at maximizing PPC marketing profit.

High Profit Landing Pages

High Profit Landing Pages

In addition to choosing keywords and writing ad copy for your brand that leads to maximum profit, we also design and build high profit landing pages.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Advanced Omnichannel Marketing

Our 20 years of big brand experience gives you a strategic edge.  Examples: Customer lifetime value keyword bidding, max profit omnichannel budget allocation, multi-touchpoint profit maximization.

CRM System Profit Activation v3 (1)

CRM System Profit Activation

When needed, we partner with Ninestone Marketing to help maximize the sales aspect of maximizing lifetime PPC marketing profit, and other channels including: Email, SEO, site, events, and more.

Profit Based Dashboards (2)

Profit Visualization Dashboards

Our clients enjoy 24/7 access to custom cloud based dashboards that show the profit contributions of every part of the marketing system that we build for them.



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Linkedin Ads

PPC Media Logos v5 (1)

Microsoft Ads

PPC Media Logos v5 (4)

Instagram Ads

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Facebook Ads


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Awarded The Best Omnichannel Performance Marketing Platform, 9 Years in a Row AND Best AI-Based Advertising Solution for 2024

Bypass the typical spend and time commitment barriers that Skai normally requires. We use Skai with media spends as low as $3k to 5k per month. Watch to learn why Skai AI software is the best in the world at increasing your marketing profit.





54% Profit Increase

Fairway Divorce Solutions


102% Profit Increase

Allied Public Adjusters


197% Profit Increase

A Leading Legal Firm


480% Profit Increase

Compass Behavioral Health


james kelly v2

James Kelly, CPA & MSIS

Director of Accounting Advisory Services, Tavola Group

"As the former CFO at leading legal documents firm, I witnessed, firsthand, the impressive PPC marketing skills of Aaron and his team.  They increased our profit multiple times, significantly.  With Aaron's skills, abilities and connections, he saved the company several times.  You need Aaron and his PPC Profit Pros team if you want to maximize the performance of your PPC marketing efforts and he is also very useful to have around to help with strategic business challenges. Lastly, Aaron is very skilled in breaking down complex problems into simple to understand explanations."

Sandeep Hardas

Sandeep Hardas

Director, Partner Publisher Management, Koddi

"I worked at Skai for 8 and a half years across various senior roles with global strategic accounts. I started working with Aaron about 12 years ago while at Skai.  He came to me wanting to test Skai against their competitors at producing profit.  I worked with him and his team, along with my team at Skai to set up that first test. In the years that followed, I worked with Aaron to set up more of these head-to-head PPC profit tests, as he ascended the ranks in his marketing career with different brands.  Aaron used his skills and abilities at PPC along with the power of Skai and always was able to create significantly more PPC profit for brands.  In one of the tests he increased profit 30% higher than the Skai competitor group in Google, and 200% in Bing! If you are needing help with the performance of your PPC campaigns, honestly, look no further than to Aaron and his team at PPC Profit Pros.  They are the best out there at profit building in PPC, he’s a great guy to work with, and is a fantastic strategic business thinker, which can be helpful to tap into.  Aaron and his team really love what they are able to achieve for the brands they work with!"

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang

Account Executive, Microsoft

"Aaron and the team at PPC Profit Pros are highly skilled at extracting maximum value out of your PPC accounts through smart use of advanced techniques and tools!  I highly recommend PPC Profit Pros for your performance PPC account management needs!"

Shoeb Ansari

Shoeb Ansari

Chief Information Officer, eXp World Holdings

"What I appreciated wasn’t just the hard work, but the strict aim on improving bottom line results that any CEO would be thrilled with. I’d recommend him to any project that requires informed, thoughtful and goal driven execution."

Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes (aka Godfather of PPC)

Co-Founder, Adalysis, Author, Speaker

"It's great to see Aaron Adamson back in the agency world :)"

Paul Vallez

Paul Vallez

EVP / GM, Strategic Business Development & Partnerships, Skai

"Thanks for your continued support Aaron and PPC Profit Pros!"


To get started, have us create a FREE custom 10 year marketing profit projection, for your brand, to see if we can increase your marketing profit through our methods.

We promise that your projection, customized to your brand's specific situation, will be an eye opener and unlike anything you've seen before.