PPC Profit Pros Lifts Fairway Divorce’s Profit 54%

If you’ve ever struggled at maximizing your PPC marketing profit, then this is a can’t miss episode. In the episode, show host, Aaron Adamson, who is also the founder and CEO of PPC Profit Pros, interviews their client Karen Stewart, CEO of Fairway Divorce Solutions, about the 54% increase to profit that PPC Profit Pros delivered through application of Aaron Adamson’s PPC Profit Max System. 

Karen has embraced her role as a consumer advocate and system disruptor to offer clients the best way to divorce. The result is that Fairway Divorce and their proprietary processes have saved families millions of dollars, thousands of hours and, most importantly, helped countless children lead better lives.

In today’s episode, the discussion centers around how the boost to profit is affecting the company now and where they plan to take the company in the future in Canada and the United States.