Why Small and Mid-Sized Companies Need
PPC Ad Management

Let's Start With - Why Do You Need PPC Ads?

As a small to mid-sized businesses, maybe you are doing a lot of traditional things to grow your businesses and things may be going well.  You may be doing networking, sales outreach, referral marketing, and even mergers and acquisitions.  These are all powerful, tried and true methods to profitably grow your business!

So why pay-per-click ads?


  • New Sources of Revenue:  PPC ad marketing ads new revenue.  It is additional to your current marketing and growth methods.
  • Fish Where the Fish Are: 90% of people find services and products that they want to buy through searching for them, mainly in Google.  Let's face it, we are in a digital world!  It is profitable to embrace this fact.
  • High ROI: For every dollar spent on Google PPC ads, on average, brands get four dollars back.

You might say, well, I am already doing SEO marketing and we are showing up well in the free listings, or, we will be showing up well soon.  If your competitors are running PPC search ads and you aren't, their PPC ads will be above your free listings, and get the highest click through rates!  They are stealing traffic that could have gone to you!


But I don't want to pay for traffic!


Why not?  As mentioned above, for every dollar spent, on average, four dollars comes back to you.  It is worth it to spend that dollar and as many of those dollars as you can, to max out your profit from this lucrative marketing channel.  You pay sales people for sales? You pay your staff to network?  You pay referral partners for referrals?  You pay to buy companies?

Why Should You Invest in Professional External PPC Ad Management?

...after all, I could use some of my current staff, or hire some staff to fire up some PPC ads!

You could go the in-house route, but they would have to be experts immediately, to not put your money in harms way.  They would have to:

  • Have Vast Experience:  PPC ads are incredibly complex and involve multiple channels.  It takes over a decade to get to the level of mastery that is not putting your brand's money in harms way.  Every time you put an ad out there, you are competeing with other brands that generally know what they are doing.
  • Not Rely on Media Company Software for Your Performance:  Media companies like Google, have their own bidding software, that most internal marketers rely on for their performance gains.  They don't often understand that media company software, is designed to make them more money, not you.
  • Not Be Lead Focused:  Most in-house marketers track and optimize leads only.  Their methods leads to a race to the bottom, towards an increasing number of cheaper, lower quality leads, that drag your sales staff's time down into the muck of too many time wasting leads that go nowhere.
  • Be Profit Focused:  What matters to your brand is profit maximization, not lead maximization!  To do PPC from a profit maximization approach take sophisticated knowledge, tracking and software.
  • Have Access to the Top AI Bidding and Budget Management Software:  As mentioned above, to win at PPC, you need external software that can handle profit maximization.  It is a complex task and best not left up to even sophisticated marketers approaching this task in a manual way.  PPC campaings often have up to millions of keywords and ads, across multiple channels, and AI is best suited to find the apex of the profit curve for all of those assets, in real time!  They also would not only need access to such software, but know how to use it, at an expert level.

For small to mid-sized businesses, the initial growth phase presents a myriad of complexities and challenges. From refining internal processes and setting up procedures to assembling an effective team, crucial decisions are required at every turn, each potentially impacting your business's growth path. Due to the complexities of PPC ad management mentioned above, it is best from an investment and time perspective, for small and mid-sized businesses to hire an experienced external agency, that already specializes in this area vs taking on the time and expense of developing this competency in house, and hoping that it all works out well in the end.


What do I need to think about when hiring an external PPC marketing agency to take over my PPC ad management?


...you should start with your goals and asking how will they meet them:

Will they build your ad strategies effectively to target and attract the right clientele? Are these strategies capable of delivering a substantial return on investment? Taking a misaligned approach in this critical area can lead to considerable losses in both time and financial resources.

To become a success story with a strong PPC ad program, you need:

Advanced Paid Ad Management Strategies 1


A clear omnichannel marketing strategy for generating marketing leads and converting them into profitable customers.

Skai Paid Ads Management AI Software


Profit bidding and omnichannel budget management AI software, and, a custom built profit tracking and reporting system.

PPC Ad Management


A team that has expertise in PPC marketing management, data science, tracking, analytics and proven performance marketing software experience.

Sales CRM


A strong in-house sales team and a high functioning CRM system to support your team.

Bringing a paid ads marketing management team is the most effective way for small and mid-sized companies to build a strong marketing and sales funnel that will predictably and profitably grow your business.

Why PPC Profit Pros for Your PPC Ad Management?

At PPC Profit Pros, we have an accomplised team, with the best software in the world and we approach every client as an special uniquely special brand, which needs a custom approach. Here are a few things that we have to offer:

  • Vast Experience: 20 Years of PPC Ad Management Experience.
  • Big Results: 25% to 480% more profit to date
  • Huge Breadth: We've worked on just about every industry and their PPC ads!
  • Small & Medium Sized Business Focus:   We know how to maximize your PPC ad profit because we've taken the learnings from our work with some of the biggest brands in the world, with some of the biggest budgets in the world for us to test with including: VW, GSK, P&G, TD Bank, Tourism New Zealand and more...
  • Profit Focused:  We focus on what matters to our clients the most, maximizing their PPC ad marketing profit!
  • Exclusive License to SKAI AI Software for Small and Mid-Sized Brands: Before us, only the biggest brands in the world could use this game changing powerhouse software.  We not only give you access, we manage it for you with our over ten years of experience!

How Does PPC Profit Pros Start Working With Clients?

At PPC Profit Pros, our client relationships starts with asking good questions, listening and understanding. We believe that a successful strategy stems from a deep, personalized understanding of your business goals and aspirations. Our approach is to engage with you through meaningful conversations, ensuring we grasp not just your current needs but also your long-term vision.

Our strategies are data-driven and tailor-made for each client. As your business grows and evolves, so do our paid ads management solutions. We ensure that your digital marketing strategy is dynamic and adaptive, avoiding stagnation and continually aligning with your changing business landscape. With PPC Profit Pros, expect a partnership that’s as unique as your business.

How PPC Profit Pros Starts its Journey with You:

...it starts with some important FREE work by us, to help determine if we are the right solution for you:

  • Discovery Phase

    When we begin our journey with a new client at PPC Profit Pros, our first step is to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current paid marketing situation.

    • Current Business Snapshot:  Business goals, target marketing, past & current marketing activities, marketing channels, services/products of focus, average order value, customer lifetime value, & competitor landscape.
    • Known Average Performance Metrics: Ad click through rate, lead conversion rate, sales conversion rate, and marketing profit (total profit by channel and margin). 
    • Growth Appetite Assessment:  Does your firm have a marketing budget, are you willing to spend it to make money, and once we optimize your marketing program into profitability, are you willing and able to scale your operation.
  • Analysis and Data Benchmarking:

    Armed with the insights from our initial analysis, we then benchmark your data against industry standards and our vast repository of performance metrics from other successful campaigns. Our extensive experience in paid ads management enables us to design a custom approach and put together a paid marketing profit projection to show you where we can take you, for up to ten years into the future.

  • Present to You Our Marketing Profit Projection and Plan to Get You There

    Utilizing the insights from our analysis and benchmarking, PPC Profit Pros presents to you a custom paid marketing profit projection, for up to 10 years of lifetime value profit for your business. We also show you the strategies, tactics and software that we will use to get you to maximum paid ad marketing profit. Our focus is on creating a dynamic, responsive strategy that not only meets your current needs but also positions you for future success in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

  • Present Our Customized SOW & Contract for Your Signature

    Finally, we present our statment of work (SOW) and contract for your digital signature , so we can we get to work on your paid marketing program.

What to Expect When Working with PPC Profit Pros?

At PPC Profit Pros, our collaboration with clients unfolds in three strategic phases. In the initial month, we focus on setting up a robust foundation, which includes building PPC campaigns, designing landing pages, and establishing key parameters like geotargeting and budgeting. From months two to six, our aim is to establish a clear profit benchmark and initiate optimization processes. Beyond month six, we shift our focus to expanding profit potential continuously, engaging in thorough testing and further optimization to maximize your campaign’s success over the long term.

Paid Ad Management Setup


In the first month with PPC Profit Pros, we concentrate on building a strong foundation. This includes creating PPC campaigns, developing compelling ad copies and high-conversion landing pages, as well as setting up custom data integrations and performance dashboards. We also meticulously establish essential parameters like geotargeting, initial bids, and budgets for a robust campaign kickoff.

PPC Ad Management - Marketing Performance Benchmarking


From the second to the sixth month, our objective at PPC Profit Pros is to establish a definitive profit benchmark and start optimization. This process involves identifying top-performing keywords, eliminating underperformers, and assessing lead and profit metrics. Subsequently, we implement our Skai AI for strategic bidding and budget management, streamlining your campaign’s performance.

Marketing Profit Maximization (1)


Beyond month six, our focus at PPC Profit Pros intensifies on continuous expansion of profit potential—growing the geographic reach, keyword scope, and spend after proving profitability. We engage in rigorous testing and optimization for long-term success, always staying dynamic and responsive, especially considering that 15% to 25% of daily search queries are new. This phase is a proactive, ever-evolving journey in PPC management.

Why Choose PPC Profit Pros for Your PPC Ad Management?

At PPC Profit Pros, our journey into the world of PPC ad management is built on diverse professional backgrounds, culminating in exceptional success. Think remarkable achievements, like significantly boosting a client's ad campaign performance and profitability.

Our success isn't a matter of chance; it's grounded in data-driven strategies and rich experience. Excelling in PPC ad management involves more than just running campaigns; it's about crafting the right strategies, understanding market nuances, and leveraging advanced technology like our Skai system.

By partnering with PPC Profit Pros, you gain access to our extensive experience—spanning over a decade in PPC ad management and digital marketing. We understand the intricacies of building and optimizing campaigns, ensuring that businesses, especially those in growth stages, have the tools and strategies they need to scale effectively and profitably.

...and what if I need extra help with Sales and CRM systems to make Paid Ads Work for my firm?

At PPC Profit Pros, we recognize that effective PPC ad management is just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. If you're in need of expert assistance with CRM system implementation and optimization, or seeking guidance in sales consulting and enablement, we've got you covered.

We collaborate with preferred partners who excel in these areas, ready to step in and provide comprehensive support. This integrated approach ensures that every facet of your digital marketing and sales strategy is expertly handled, paving the way for seamless operations and enhanced and profitable business growth.

Get a whole PPC executive team for the price of one person
(without the risk) and get ready to get so much profit,
you can lead your industry.

...wondering what results we have achieved? View our latest case studies: