DISCUSSION: Developing and Leveraging Brand Voice in Marketing (part 3 of 6)

AARON ADAMSON & ALEX POLAMERO: 🚀 Unveiling the Power of Customer Stories Through Systematic Approaches 🚀

A financial institution with $700 million in assets almost overlooks a mere $1,000 loan. Sound insignificant? Think again.

In this discussion of marketing gurus, Aaron Adamson and Alex Polamero, guest Becky Freemal, shared an electrifying story from her journey in the financial services industry. Her team dove into their data, not just crunching numbers, but actually TALKING to their loan officers. They discovered that their assumptions about who they were serving didn’t always align with the reality.

Case in point: A customer in need of a $1,000 loan. On paper, it seemed trivial. But a loan officer took the time to uncover the truth. This customer needed the loan to install a wheelchair ramp for an aging family member. Without it, their home was inaccessible.

Was this customer of a lower socioeconomic class? Yes. Could they afford to just put this expense on a credit card? Absolutely not. The compound interest would have been a crippling burden. Instead, the affordable loan was their lifeline.

This revelation was earth-shattering. By merging quantitative data with QUALITATIVE insights, the FI discovered they were serving a larger portion of the lower socioeconomic population than they ever imagined.

Key Insight: Numbers alone can blind us. But when you combine them with real human stories, you strike gold. Systematic approaches, like surveys and direct customer interviews, peel back the layers to reveal the true needs and stories of the people we serve.

Becky’s message is clear: To truly understand your customers, dig deep. Look beyond the surface. Your organization’s direction and priorities may just depend on it.

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