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Simply refer business owners to us so we can manage their PPC marketing and maximize their profits. We'll pay you 15% commission on referred sales for as long as your referral remains our client, which is typically a very long time!

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High Quality Services

We offer expert PPC marketing management services, through our Profit Max System™.  At the core of our system is our exclusive access and expert use of Skai, the world's best AI driven performance PPC marketing platform, for as low as $3k-$5k spends per month vs the required $1M per month spends.

Referral Program

Thrilled Clients

With profit increases of 25% to 327%, we tend to keep our clients for a long time! Nowhere else can they get a scientifc approach to profit maximization, with a test and measure approach, top AI software, and 20 years of PPC management experience focused on profit!

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15% Lifetime Commision

Earn the most competitive referral commissions in the marketing agency space at 15% of our fee, monthly, for the life of the client!

How much do our

partners earn per referral?

Referred Client Size Our Monthly Fee Your Monthly Commission (15%) Your Yearly Commission (15%)
Small Business $3k - $7k $450 - $1,050 $5,400 - $12,600
Medium Business $8k - $13k $1,200 - $1,950 $14,400 - $23,400
Enterprise Business $14k - $25k $2,100 - $3,750 $25,200 - $45,000
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Referring PPC Profit Pros

couldn't be easier

  • Apply for our referral program

  • Refer clients

  • Earn lifetime commissions* (15%)

*Earn lifetime recurring commissions on monthly PPC marketing management fees.

Common questions,

simple answers.

The commission is your referral percentage on what the client pays us for our services. The commission does not include ad budgets and fees paid to third parties.

We guarantee that you will be paid for referring business to us.  We created our referral tracking system to give you peace of mind, knowing that every lead will be properly tracked and every sale accounted for and paid out to you, every month, following receipt of each referral client's payment.

We treat our referrer partners with respect and value relationships with them; the happier they are, the more business they refer to us and because of our industry leading, high lifetime commission payouts, our referrers are very happy with PPC Profit Pros!

  1. The easiest way is to make an introduction by email.
  2. Use the referral script provided to you once you join our program so that you don't have to worry about what to write.
  3. Use your special link that will allow our system to track your referral and subsequent sale, without that link looking like a referral tracking link.

We make payouts within 30 days after the client pays us in full and we are in full receipt of their funds.  In most cases, we make payouts within days of receiving client funds, on a monthly basis.

We make payouts though PayPal to the payment email you provide when you signup.

Absolutely!  You can use your commission to pay for our services and we offer an additional 5% discount off on all our referral partner engagements.

Yes. Signing up to our referral partner program is the only way that we will be able to:

  • Obtain referral creative
  • Track referred leads
  • Track referred sales
  • Add payment details
  • Track your payouts

More Reasons to Refer PPC Profit Pros

  • 25% to 327% profit increases to date.
  • 20 years of PPC marketing management experience (B2B, B2C, & all industries)
  • Access to Skai AI performance PPC software without having to pay $1M/month in PPC media spend required by Skai (PPC Profit Pros can use Skai even if your spend is as low as $2k/month)
  • Scientific test & measure profit maximization approach with full PPC custom tracking setup: PPC keywords, form leads, call leads, sales, revenue & profits.
  • We build high conversion rate PPC landing pages.
  • We build custom profit focused cloud based PPC marketing dashboards.

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