PHONE CALL: PPC Keywords That Go Together Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter

☎️ [phone ringing]

☎️ [phone ringing]

📞 PPC Profit Pros Aaron speaking.

📞 Oh hey Howard, good to hear from you. What can I do for you?

📞 You’ve lost $50,000….Sorry to hear that Howard….oh….We lost $50,000 of your money.

📞 How’s that Howard?

📞 You were looking through your PPC reports….and saw keywords with no sales for the last month, and $50,000 of cost….you want them turned off…and your money back.

📞 …okay let’s take a look Howard..

📞 Ah I see Howard. These keywords assisted in sales amounting to $356k in revenue for you Howard. Without them you would have lost far more of that revenue than your $50,000 in cost. You see people do multiple searches before buying Howard. They start with more broad terms, and they keep searching until they get to more specific terms and at that point, they are ready to buy. If your ads aren’t there during their search journey, they will veer off to your competitors.

📞 Examples? Well, I’m looking at one of your path to conversion reports and they often start with words like “funeral home” and end with phrases like ‘what’s the name of that strange funeral joint with the bar and the mourners for hire.’

📞 ….what’s that Howard? You don’t like the tone of that last one. Well sorry Howard, we don’t control the keywords people use when searching, but in one week you made $18,531 in profit from that one term.

📞 You’re liking it better now.

📞 Well good Howard….Either way Howard, the bottom line is, you’ll kill your PPC revenue and profit if we deep six your assist keywords. They go together…like chocolate and peanut butter….

📞 …sorry…yes like thunder and lightning, good and evil, heaven and hell…. Right Howard, I think we’re on the same page…so we’re keeping the keywords?

❤️🤣💲 Aaron Adamson

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