PHONE CALL: tURNing to Retail PPC Marketing

Phone Call: tURNing to Retail PPC

☎️ [phone ringing]

☎️ [phone ringing]

📞 PPC Profit Pros Aaron speaking.

📞 Oh hey Howard, good to hear from you. What’s happening?

📞 Yes we do retail eCommerce PPC management.

📞 You’re setting up an Amazon seller account, and you want drive some traffic to it, through some Amazon PPC ads.

📞 Sure Howard, what are you offering?

📞 A new line of urns. And your urns will have fanciful names.

📞 …no I can’t say I’m surprised Howard.

📞…U-Turn, About-Turn & Ill-Turn, for unexpected passings.

📞…Upturn & Yearn, for those ready to move on…

📞…Adjourn, for those in the legal profession.

📞…Churn, for those in agricultural professions.

📞…Stern, for those for those with challenging personalities.

📞…Discern, Spurn & Burn, for those with even more challenging personalities.

📞 I get where you’re going with this Howard…don’t know how you sleep dreaming all of this up. How do you think this will do on Amazon Howard.

No concerns. Being new, you may have to earn, their trust. But the quality is there, and you don’t expect, a lot of returns.

Got it Howard…

❤️🤣💲 Aaron Adamson

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