PHONE CALL: Howard Halloween

PHONE CALL: Howard Halloween

☎️ [phone ringing]

☎️ [phone ringing]

📞 PPC Profit Pros Aaron speaking.

📞 Oh hey Howard, you just caught me….

📞 I was just on my way out to shoot a PPC Halloween video….

📞 I’m an astronaut….

📞 No, I guess I’m not very scary.

📞 What can I do for you Howard?…

📞 You’ve got new PPC ads for your annual Funeral Home Halloween party?

📞 Sure, what’s happening this year Howard?…

📞 Victims will be treated to:

📞 Tumble in the Tombstones Haunted Maze

📞 Casket selfies.

📞 Eyeball El Diablos, in the Downunder Bar

📞 Dine with the deceased, in the display room.

📞 Dessert in the Ice Crematorium

📞 Got it Howard, anything else?

📞 Dance till dawn, in the catacombs, with DJ Devil and the Cremains

📞 …sounds like a good ole wholesome fun time there Howard….

❤️🤣💲 Aaron Adamson

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