Q&A: Why hire PPC Profit Pros?

❓Why work with PPC Profit Pros?

A: There are six reasons to work with PPC Profit Pros.

🎯 PPC Focus: We stay laser focused on PPC since it is the biggest and most important profit producing marketing channel for most companies and it is our core strength. We don’t dilute our PPC marketing strengths by spreading ourselves thinly across other digital marketing channels such as email, SEO, or affiliate marketing.

💰Profit Focus: It is actually very difficult to optimize for PPC profit, which is PPC revenue minus PPC cost. Most internal teams and agencies optimize on site visitors and leads which is a flawed approach, because not all visitors and leads turn into sales and revenue. Very few agencies and marketers have a profit focus because it is very difficult to track phone calls and sales that are walled off in offline CRM systems and tie them back to PPC keywords, ads and landing pages.

🔬🧪🛠️ Vast Experience: We have over 15 years of experience doing performance PPC marketing management for small, medium and large companies including: Microsoft, VW, GSK, P&G, Rogers, Tourism New Zealand, 25Dates and Fairway Divorce, to name a few.

📈 High Profit Results: We’ve grown PPC profit for brands from 25% to 327% to date through utilizing a mix of the best PPC techniques and tools, for profit maximization.

🥇 Access to Top PPC Software: We partnered with a software called @Skai because our split tests across 12 years revealed that through Skai’s keyword bidding tools, we were able to produce the biggest PPC profit gains vs using their competitors or engine bidding alone. We formed a partnership with Skai, so we can maximize PPC profit for smaller brands that Skai normally won’t work with. We also are experts with @Adalysis the top multivariate PPC ad testing software and @Unbounce for landing page and conversion forms optimization.

⌛️ Generous with Our Time: The client success managers at our boutique agency do deep, sophisticated and time intensive PPC profit optimization work for you, so they only have 2 to 5 brands in their care vs large agencies whos managers have between 12 to 25 clients to look after.

❤️🤣💲 Aaron Adamson

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