VOICEMAIL: Virtual Dating Assistants

Virtual Dating Assistants

☎️ [phone ringing]

☎️ [phone ringing]

🎙️ Hi, you’ve reached Aaron Adamson at PPC Profit Pros.

🎙️ At the tone, leave your name and message and we’ll get back to you.

📞 Hi Aaron, this is Bob.

📞 I’m starting a new company and we need PPC Profit Pros to get some @Google Ads going.

📞 It’s a Virtual Datin Assistant company.

📞 How it works is when you’re tired of all of the work in the online datin scene, folks can outsource the work to our assistants.

📞 We create their online profiles, have the conversations with the potential dates, and plan and organize dates on their behalf.

📞 All they do is show up and have fun.

📞 So Aaron, for more details, just call Fred.

📞 Uh, this is really Fred, I’m Bob’s assistant.

❤️🤣💲 Aaron Adamson

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