PHONE CALL: The Holidays At Howard’s Funeral Homes

☎️ [phone ringing]

☎️ [phone ringing]

📞 PPC Profit Pros Aaron speaking.

📞 Oh hey Howard, happy holidays.

📞 …it’s not such a Jolly time for you Howard..why is that?

📞 Busier than ever…. 5% more deaths, Christmas through the New Year.

📞 Is that so Howard.

📞 ….Then there are the mishaps.

📞 Mishaps Howard?

📞 A little too much Christmas cheer and things start going sideways…

📞 Sideways…what kinds of things Howard?

📞 Wrong funerals attended…

📞 Robberies…

📞 Hysterical laughter…

📞 Hook ups…

📞And then there was the fire…

📞 Uh…what fire Howard…

📞 Aunt Josephine was sobbing…got a little too close to a candle…her hair caught on fire…

📞 Oh no Howard is she okay?

📞 Yes….because Uncle Fred tackled her, and managed to put out the flames….just before they rolled into the burial plot.

📞 Well Howard it’s always interesting reminiscing with you…Uh…any PPC Marketing for us today?

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