12 Years of Testing Reveals Most Profitable PPC Marketing Software

Ever wanted to know which marketing software can help you make as much profit as possible? 🤑

I know I wanted to know! The answer to this question which I reaffirmed across 12 years of experiments led me to finding the one software that helped me to make millions more for the brands I worked for which in turn catapulted my marketing career. 😉

The short list of top pay per click software, for many years, has been: Skai (formerly Kenshoo), Marin and Quantic Mind.

I summarized the results of all of those tests across 12 years so you don’t have to embark on a long drawn out journey and found the following: 🧪

Skai consistently outperformed their competitors every time with a profit lift above their competitors of:

Google: 110%
Bing: 160%

Pretty incredible right! 🔥

Sounds simple now doesn’t it. Get Skai and away you go! 🏁

Not so fast…hold your horses! 🐎

Skai is typically only available to brands spending a million dollars per month on PPC. Because of this, for the longest time, when I was client side, before my agency, I regarded Skai as my secret profit weapon but for really big companies. 🏢

Additionally, Skai is complex and takes some study and test with advanced techniques to get the full value of it. ⏱️

That’s where my dream comes in. I had a dream that all companies regardless of budget should have access to the best tools and the best techniques to get the full value out of them. 💭

Out of my dream, came my agency, PPC Profit Pros. Through it, I am able to bring you the top tools and techniques, so that we can help you to maximize your profit, which supports you in your pursuit of dominating your industry! As part of our service, we include access and support to Skai, even if your PPC budget is less than a million dollars per month 💲 🌪️

Sound helpful? ☺️

To get your free demo of Skai and find out where we can take your profit and your brand:! 📆😄

Free Demo of Skai Link: https://ppcprofitpros.com/

Thank you! 🙏🏽

💞 Aaron Adamson

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