The Birth of PPC Profit Pros & Why Kenshoo is at Our Core!

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Hi, my name is Aaron Adamson, Co-Founder and CEO of PPC Profit Pros. Currently, I live here in San Diego, but the story of how we Kenshoo became our most important profit partner for you, began 20 years ago, in my home town of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

From 2000, I started and ran an online gift package company for six years. Back then, doing business online was like the wild west, with everyone trying to figure out how to get traffic and sales. At that time, much like today, our biggest source of paying traffic was from search engines like Google, and they accounted for about 90% of our traffic.
In order to survive I became really good at getting traffic from the free listings in the search engine results. This would later be called Organic Search Engine Marketing.

Something else started in 2000, and that was Google AdWords, the true birth of PPC marketing. Google started small with only 350 advertisers and for the early part of the 2000’s, we were still in a largely Organic Search Marketing world.

Around 2004 when Google went public, I noticed it became harder and harder to maintain and grow our traffic from the free listings. Google was churning their index faster and changing the rules of engagement. It was the beginning of Organic clicks shifting to paid.

As the years passed in the late 2000s, companies needed to get better at this new field of pay per click marketing or die. The ads started to become less different from free listings, and larger, pushing the free listing down the page.

The good news was that, with PPC combined with Google Analytics, for the first time, businesses had control over the flow of traffic and could fine tune that flow with laser focused precision.

Following this shift in search marketing, in 2011, I headed up the Paid Search Marketing division at a top online travel company in Canada. At larger companies, we had great power at growing profits but, we quickly had big challenges as well. One of the biggest was managing huge lists of keywords, often running into the millions, and bidding them all to optimal profit!

At this point in our history, I met and started working with my Co-Founder here at PPC Profit Pros, Arif Momin. Together we began to tackle the toughest challenges in PPC marketing.

When we arrived, the travel company was using a service called Marin to bid millions of keywords into profit. Arif and I wondered if there were any tools that could do better. We found Kenshoo, a then five year old company out of Israel, and we put it in a head to head test with Marin. The result, Kenshoo won, producing significantly more profit, right out of the gate.

Across the two years or so, with Kenshoo as one of our most important secret weapons, we pushed profit up 131% and increased bookings 22%!

In 2015, Arif and worked together at a legal documents company headquartered in the US. They too were using Marin. We put them to a profit test with Kenshoo, and similar to before, Kenshoo won and we promptly moved our accounts to Kenshoo bidding. In the 45 day test, we increased profits 30% in Google and 200% in Bing.

In the years since, we’ve tested other PPC tools for bidding keywords to profit, but none can match it in long term profit support, especially across a-typical periods like we are in right now, with COVID-19.

We believe that Kenshoo is able to help us to achieve huge performance increases through their machine-learning algorithms, cutting edge AI, and our proficient use of their machine. Either way, when Arif and I decided to put together this agency, we could give you the killer combination of our 20 years of experience and deep work with Kenshoo PPC profit bidding.

We then upped the anti! We added critical profit building partnerships with Adalysis, the world’s leading profit ad testing tool and Unbounce which is unparalleled in landing page testing for conversion rate and profit improvement. From PPC ad impression to landing page conversion rate, we are well poised to maximize your profits!

I hope you enjoyed this quick sprint through the 20 year story of how we ended up with Kenshoo and our other partners at the core of how we increase your profits! Here’s to your success! We are very much looking forward to growing your profits!

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