Q&A: How do I take my PPC marketing to the next level?

PPC Marketing Q & A:
Q: How do I take my PPC marketing to the next level?
A: Move from lead focus to profit focus & do these 5 things.

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🧪 99% of in-house PPC marketers and agencies optimize on PPC leads, but this isn’t what boards of directors, owners and CEOs want. What they want is more PPC revenue coming in relative to PPC spend going out the door, and they want to know that they are getting the maximum amount of overall PPC profit that they can have.

? Why don’t more agencies and marketers optimize on PPC marketing profit? Because it is hard, time consuming, sophisticated work, involving advanced techniques that they might not understand and advanced tools that they may not have expertise in, or even access to. To optimize for PPC profit you need to do the following five things, really well:

1: PPC Lead Tracking: You have to track your PPC keywords, ads and landing pages, and pass that information into your CRM data silo (Top 10: @Salesforce , @Sage CRM, @Microsoft Dynamics 365 , @HubSpot Marketing, @Insightly CRM , @Keap, @Zoho, @Oracle, @SAP, @SugarCRM) as your leads come in through phone calls and forms.

2: PPC Sales & Revenue Tracking: When those PPC leads turn into PPC sales, you have to track the associated PPC revenue.

3. Profit Based PPC Keyword Bidding: You have to pass your PPC revenue from your CRM silo, ideally to a third party marketing platform, like Skai, and match it up with the PPC costs involved with bringing in those PPC sales. Then you can use Skai’s advanced keyword bidding technology, to maximize the profit you can get out of the keywords that are involved with profitable sales, while driving down costs for unprofitable keywords. Our tests, across the last 12 years have proven that Skai bidding, plus engine bidding, gives brands the most profit compared with other platforms plus engine bidding, or engine bidding alone, and that is why we partnered with Skai.

4. Profit Based PPC Ad Testing: Use advanced third party PPC ad building and testing tools, like Adalysis, to find out exactly which combinations of parts of ads, gives your brand the most profit.

5: Profit Based PPC Landing Page Testing: Use advanced third party PPC landing page building and testing tools, like Unbounce, so you can discover which PPC pages and form variations are producing the most PPC profit for your brand.

😀 When you set up your PPC marketing doing these five things, and you do it really well, it makes it easy to discover which products & services, prices, promotions, media channels, and geographies, will give you maximum PPC profit.

❤️😀💲 Aaron Adamson

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