Kenshoo Becomes Skai: What This Means to Your Business in the Post Covid-19 Era

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In June of 2021, global marketing platform leader Kenshoo rebranded to become Skai, following its December 2020 acquisition of Signals Analytics, a pioneer in AI-powered analytics for market intelligence. Kenshoo purchased Signals Analytics in order to help businesses to thrive in the new post-pandemic landscape by supplying them with more actionable data so they can make better go-to-market decisions.

Signals Analytics provides that data in the form of more than 13,000 external data source insights. Consumers were already shifting to purchasing online but the global pandemic accelerated this trend. As we shift into a post Covid-19 world, this adoption of digital interaction with brands is here to stay. Due to this acceleration though, brands are struggling to keep up, to remain relevant and be part of the conversation.

“Given the exponential growth we are experiencing in performance marketing, specifically around e-commerce, Kenshoo sees firsthand how brands make decisions to bring products to market online,” said Kenshoo CEO and Co-Founder Yoav Izhar-Prato.

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A Great Example of External Data Signals in Action!

Nomad Foods, one of the largest frozen food companies in the world, provides to us a fantastic example of why Kenshoo felt that it could be helpful to the business world by adding in Signal’s Analytics. Instead of relying on traditional forms of market research, Nomad decided to make a change to modernize their approach to the market and allow them to step ahead of their competition. Specifically, they were looking for:

  • Continuous Data Signals: Nomad was wanting to have a stream of data that they could mine, analyze coming from many different types of data sources.
  • Distant Early Signals of Emerging Trends: They were looking to stay ahead of the curve by discovering as early as possible where is the consumer zeitgeist heading with respect to their desires in the food and beverage sector.
  • Product Attribute Sentiment Understanding: Nomad was specifically very interested in trying to understand what consumer’s feelings, thoughts, and desires were within the frozen foods category.
  • Actionable Data: Above all else, Nomad needed to be certain that all of this interesting data was indeed, actionable.

Nomad found that their data needs would be fulfilled by Signals Analytics. They provided Nomad with platform with connected data sets that fed them with a wide variety of external data sources for a fact based future-focused strategic outlook. The result, Nomad was able to find a niche that wasn’t being served and successfully filled that niche, with a pea-protein-based alternative meat product.

Skai’s Mission

Skai’s aim is to help brands to thrive by supplying them with data that will drive them to create the most successful go-to-market strategies in this new landscapes that we find ourselves in. What’s more, they aim to provide a single view of the customer and market in order to help formulize coherent strategies and plans. The stakes have never been higher! According to a recent press release, Skai estimates that brands could lose a total of $20 billion in annual opportunity cost if they cannot keep up in this new era. Skai is positioning their offering so that they can help businesses to understand consumers in real-time, and connect this advanced data intelligence with measurement, testing and execution.

Accelerated adoption by consumers of digital interaction with brands is not the only big challenge that brands face. They are also challenged by a future without cookies or tracking IDs due to stricting privacy tides sweeping across the internet. Skai’s data-focused approach will enable brands to intelligently these new privacy waters, while rapidly and successfully bringing new products to market.

“Both Signals Analytics and Kenshoo have shaped strategies for Fortune 500 brands, with our insights and applications informing billions in product innovation, positioning, and customer acquisition. As one entity, we can serve more of our clients’ organizations, while simultaneously simplifying things for brands and agencies going through transformational change,” added Gil Sadeh, Chief Growth Officer at Skai and former CEO of Signals Analytics.

Does the New Name Skai Mean Anything?

As a partner of Skai, Skai CEO Yoav Izhar-Prato shared to us that the new name “is an acronym representing our recent Signals Analytics acquisition [S] + Kenshoo [K] + Actionable (and Artificial) [A] + Intelligence [I] – Skai.”

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