Did This Really Happen?

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Did this really happen❓❓❓

The short answer is yes!

👉 It was based on a true story.

👉 Ted is a fictitious name.

👉 The amount of money lost was $30,000.

👉 The length of time was over a long weekend and there really were zero sales.

What happened? 

The marketer in question was operating under a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality.  He thought he could start a large PPC campaign, right before a long weekend, walk away, come back and all would be great🙏

Are you kidding?😲 This is real money and marketers need to treat it as if it is their own.

👨‍🎓 The responsible thing to do is to test carefully with a budget only as big as is necessary to glean statistically relevant results, in an agreed upon time frame and never, ever, launch before everyone goes away! 

🥇🧪Architecting sophisticated, data driven PPC campaigns, handled in a responsible way, is what PPC Profit Pros is all about. Utilizing our unique profit optimization system, we’ve maximized and maintained huge profit wins for some of the biggest brands in the world with top tools and techniques!

💰 Yes, you can and should have more profit and not be subject to profit destroying mistakes!

☎ If you’re curious how big your ‘ocean of profit’ really is, message me and let’s find out!

Aaron Adamson

Founder & CEO
PPC Profit Pros


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