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Performance data

197% ↑

Marketing profit increase.

325% ↑

Revenue increase.

193% ↑

Sales increase.

15% ↑

Sales conversion rate increase.

57% ↑

PPC ad click through rate.

165% ↑

PPC ad impressions.


A leading legal firm, with several business units across the United States and Canada, specializes in Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificate Requisitions, as well as offering online divorce services. Despite a robust market presence, the firm faced significant challenges in scaling their profitability in both countries. Additionally, they repeatedly encountered issues with Google ad policy violations, particularly in relation to the reselling of government services. This was further exacerbated by a lack of effective representation with Google.

  • Profit Growth Struggles: The firm was experiencing difficulties in increasing their profit margins within their legal service offerings in the US and Canada.

  • Ad Policy Violations: There were multiple instances of non-compliance with Google's advertising policies, impacting their online marketing campaigns.

  • Lack of Advanced Marketing Technology: The absence of sophisticated bidding and budget management technology, coupled with a lack of a robust test-and-measure approach, impeded their PPC campaign effectiveness.

  • Inadequate Data Visualization and Segmentation: The firm's existing systems did not adequately support effective data segmentation and visualization, which are crucial for understanding market trends and customer behaviors.

  • Product Ideation and Market Testing Deficiencies: Assistance was needed in developing new product ideas and conducting market tests to uncover profitable opportunities.


Upon engagement, PPC Profit Pros initiated a comprehensive strategy to revitalize the firm's digital marketing efforts and address their specific challenges:

  1. Revamping PPC Campaigns: Introduction of Skai, an AI-driven PPC marketing software, to optimize bidding and budget management. This approach aimed to enhance the efficiency and profitability of PPC campaigns.
  2. Policy Compliance and Google Representation: Providing expert representation with Google to address and resolve ad policy violations, ensuring compliant and effective marketing activities.
  3. Data Analysis and Visualization: Implementing advanced tools for better data analysis, visualization, and segmentation, enabling targeted marketing strategies and a deeper insight into customer segments.
  4. Product Development and Market Testing: Assisting in product ideation and comprehensive market testing to identify potential areas for expansion and new profitable service offerings.
  5. CRM and Automation Enhancement: Improving customer relationship management (CRM) processes through automation and efficient tracking mechanisms, enabling better lead generation and tracking.


The strategic changes led to a significant improvement in the firm's marketing and operational efficiency. The adoption of advanced PPC technologies and data analysis tools resulted in increased profit margins across their US and Canadian units. Compliance with Google's advertising policies was achieved, securing their online advertising efforts. Furthermore, new services identified through market testing opened up additional revenue streams. Enhanced CRM processes contributed to the overall growth and profitability of the firm in their specialized legal service areas.

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