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Performance data

480% ↑

PPC Marketing profit increase.

10X ↑

PPC Revenue increase.

11X ↑

PPC Sales increase.

-99% ↓

PPC Cost Per Acquisition.

11X ↑

PPC leads.

77% ↑

PPC ad click through rate.


Compass Behavioral Health, the world's number #1 health services provider of DBT therapy, proven to be the most effective therapy at preventing teen self-harming and suicidal behaviors, faced significant challenges in brand perception and optimizing their marketing strategies. These challenges included inefficient marketing efforts, poorly organized PPC campaigns, and outdated lead generation processes. To overcome these hurdles, Compass Behavioral Health aimed to implement modern AI software for PPC bid management and budget allocation, focusing on optimizing pay-per-click marketing campaigns for profitability. Additionally, they planned to refine their lead generation process using automated systems. The goal was to streamline operations, enhance marketing effectiveness, and drive profitable growth and within their existing service areas.

  • Challenges: Inefficient marketing, disorganized PPC campaigns, outdated lead generation.
  • Implementation Plan: Introduce AI software for PPC bid management and budget allocation.
  • Campaign Optimization: Focus on optimizing campaigns for profitability.
  • Lead Generation Refinement: Utilize automated systems to improve lead generation processes.
  • Operational Goals: Streamline operations and enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Growth and Profitability: Aim to drive growth and profitability in existing service areas.
  • Marketing Strategy: Leverage segmentation and automation for better performance.


To address the unique challenges faced by Compass Behavioral Health, PPC Profit Pros adopted a comprehensive and multifaceted strategy. This included not only technical and data-driven solutions but also a significant brand communication transformation. The approach encompassed PPC campaign optimization, CRM customization, integrated data management, profit-centric reporting, and automated email nurture campaigns, all underpinned by a collaborative strategy for overall marketing and CRM effectiveness. Key to this was repositioning Compass Behavioral Health's brand message from a clinical, textbook-style approach to one that emotionally resonated with parents, helping them understand why Compass was the best choice for potentially saving their teen's life.

  1. Brand Message Transformation: PPC Profit Pros recognized the need to transition Compass Behavioral Health's branding from a fact-focused, textbook style to a more emotionally resonant and parent-friendly approach. This pivot was crucial in effectively communicating the brand's potential to save teen lives, making the value proposition clearer and more compelling to the target audience.
  2. PPC Campaign Optimization: PPC Profit Pros conducted a comprehensive overhaul of Compass Behavioral Health's PPC campaigns, focusing on refining keyword selection, creating compelling ad copy, and developing high-converting landing pages to enhance lead generation efficiency.
  3. CRM Customization: Ninestone Marketing, PPC Profit Pros' partner, led the customization and optimization of Compass Behavioral Health's CRM system, implementing modern solutions to streamline lead management and customer relationship processes.
  4. Integrated Data Management: Collaboratively developed a seamless integration between the PPC ad platform and the CRM system, enabling comprehensive tracking of key metrics and facilitating data-driven decision-making for optimized bidding strategies.
  5. Profit-Centric Reporting Dashboards: PPC Profit Pros crafted custom dashboards tailored to Compass Behavioral Health's needs, providing detailed insights into the financial performance of PPC campaigns and enabling informed decisions to maximize profitability.
  6. Automated Email Nurture Campaigns: Nine Stone Marketing designed and managed automated email nurture campaigns within the CRM system, strategically nurturing leads and guiding them through the sales funnel to improve conversion rates and drive revenue growth.
  7. Collaborative Approach for Comprehensive Solution: Through the combined expertise of PPC Profit Pros and Ninestone Marketing, Compass Behavioral Health received a holistic solution addressing marketing and CRM challenges, driving efficiency, profitability, and growth within their mental health services.


PPC Profit Pros, in collaboration with Ninestone Marketing, effectively transformed Compass Behavioral Health's brand and operations. By shifting from a clinical to a more emotionally engaging, parent-centric brand message, they significantly enhanced client appeal. This strategic move was supported by an overhaul of PPC campaigns and CRM system optimization, resulting in streamlined lead management and improved data-driven decision making. The integration of tailored PPC strategies, profit-centric reporting, and automated email campaigns led to increased efficiency, lead conversion, and profitability in Compass Behavioral Health's mental health services. This comprehensive approach delivered substantial growth and operational effectiveness.

About Compass Behavioral Health

Compass Behavioral Health specializes in providing evidence-based residential and outpatient treatment programs to treat teenagers struggling with mood disorders, particularly those exhibiting suicidal and self-harming behaviors, through a comprehensive approach that includes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and family wellness programs.

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