Performance data

102% ↑

Marketing profit increase.

123% ↑

Revenue increase.

266% ↑

Sales increase.

21% ↑

Lead conversion rate increase.

6% ↑

Sales conversion rate increase.

128% ↑

PPC ad click through rate increase.


Allied Public Adjusters wanted to grow their commercial and residential public adjusting services in terms of market share, using PPC Markeing, in their existing 4 geographic areas in , and move into three new ones, and they wanted to do so profitably.  Before PPC Profit Pros stepped in though, Allied Public Adjusters was grappling with significant PPC marketing challenges. A major issue was the absence of segmentation in their sales, revenue, and profit by marketing channel, leaving them in the dark about their campaign performance. Additionally, their PPC campaign structure was poorly organized, lacking the strategic alignment needed for effectiveness. This was compounded by the absence of modern AI software for managing bids and budget allocation, which further hindered their ability to optimize their marketing efforts for profit maximization. Alongside these PPC issues, Allied Public Adjusters also struggled with outdated manual CRM processes. The lack of automation and efficient tracking mechanisms made it difficult for them to generate and track high-value leads effectively. As they aimed to expand into five key locations with ambitious growth goals, it became evident that a comprehensive revamp of their marketing strategies and CRM systems was essential, an undertaking that became a key focus of our collaboration.


In addressing the challenges faced by Allied Public Adjusters, a clear division of labor was established between PPC Profit Pros and Ninestone Marketing, with each agency bringing their specialized expertise to the table:

  1. PPC Campaign Overhaul by PPC Profit Pros: PPC Profit Pros meticulously architected a new PPC campaign from the ground up. This involved the selection of new keywords, the crafting of compelling ad copy, and the construction of high-converting landing pages, all aimed at enhancing lead generation efficiency.
  2. Comprehensive Tracking Implementation by PPC Profit Pros: PPC Profit Pros also implemented a robust tracking system, capturing key metrics ranging from impressions and clicks to leads, sales, revenue, and profit. This allowed for a granular analysis and optimization of the PPC campaign.
  3. HubSpot Customization and Provisioning by Ninestone Marketing: Ninestone Marketing took charge of provisioning and customizing HubSpot. Their efforts in modernizing the CRM processes facilitated a more efficient and automated approach to managing customer relationships and tracking leads through the sales funnel.
  4. Collaborative Integration and Data Utilization: Both PPC Profit Pros and Ninestone Marketing collaboratively developed a custom integration that bridged the enterprise PPC ad platform with HubSpot. This integration was crucial for tracking revenue and actual profitability from closed deals. Importantly, data gleaned from HubSpot was fed back into the PPC platform. This synergy allowed for the refinement of bidding strategies through the utilization of machine learning and AI technologies within Skai's optimization systems, enhancing profitability.
  5. Profit-Focused Dashboards by PPC Profit Pros: PPC Profit Pros excelled in creating custom, profit-focused dashboards specifically for PPC reporting, optimization, and profit maximization. These dashboards provided insightful and detailed views of the campaign's financial performance.
  6. HubSpot Email Nurture and Automated Sales Sequence Campaigns by Ninestone Marketing: Ninestone Marketing developed and managed specialized email nurture and automated sales sequence campaigns within HubSpot. These campaigns were strategically designed to improve sales conversion rates, ensuring an effective progression of leads through the sales cycle.


Allied Public Adjusters surpassed the previous year’s annual performance in just 7 months of working with PPC Profit Pros and Ninestone Marketing. This structured approach, with PPC Profit Pros focusing on the PPC marketing aspects and Ninestone Marketing handling the CRM components, combined with their joint efforts in integrating PPC tracking and CRM data, resulted in a synergistic solution that effectively tackled the challenges of Allied Public Adjusters and set a solid foundation for achieving their growth objectives, profitably.

Armen Ghazarian, Chief Growth Officer, Allied Public Adjusters

"As Chief Growth Officer, witnessing the incredible impact of PPC Profit Pros on Allied Public Adjusters has been truly phenomenal. The 102% profit increase, 123% revenue boost, and 266% surge in sales are not just numbers; they represent the power of effective PPC strategies in transforming our business. This success, underscored by marked improvements in conversion rates and click-throughs, has been pivotal in enabling us to grow profitably and extend our services to more Americans in need of our powerful Public Adjusting services.”

Armen Ghazarian

Chief Growth Officer
Allied Public Adjusters

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