Mutual Referral Partnership Agreement

PPC Profit Pros - Mutual Referral Partnership Agreement

PPC Profit Pros is the leader in performance PPC marketing services.  Do you have an agency with complimentary services to ours? If so, for every referral lead you send to us that becomes our client, we will pay you 10% of the fees we collect, every month, while they are our client, for one year!  Conversely, we will refer leads to you and for every sale that comes from us, you can pay us 10% of your client fees, each month, for up to one year while they are your client.

Agencies That Compliment PPC Profit Pros Include:  Advertising, Branding, Content, Social, PR, Programming, SEO, and Web Design.

It Takes Only A Few Minutes to Sign Up: Just fill out the form below and you will be directed to e-Sign our 'Mutual Referral Partnership Agreement' (MRPA)!  After you e-Sign, we will immediately email you a PDF copy of our digitally co-signed agreement (UETA/ESIGN compliant).  After that, we can begin sending each other leads to grow our mutual partnership and our revenues!  We are looking forward to being mutual lead referral partners with you and your brand!

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