"Law Firm Profit

Is Our Specialty"

Is Our Specialty"

Agency Lead By Former Legal Firm CMO

Experts in Top Technology

Holistic Analytics Insights

20+ Years Experience

40% Avg Profit Growth

Why PPC?

Because Pay Per Click Marketing Has the Highest ROI!

SEO/Content ROI
Email ROI

What Does Our Partnership With Skai Mean to You?

For the twelve years leading up to the formation of PPC Profit Pros, marketing leader and founder of PPC Profit Pros, ran many performance tests between Skai (formerly Kenshoo), and their top marketing platform competitors.  Since Aaron was always able to produce the most profit with Skai, he knew he had to put this SAAS powerhouse, at our core, for you! Also, he wanted to offer Skai to brands spending less than $1 million per month.  Most brands fall into this category, but now we can help them gain access to this essential PPC performance PPC tool!

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Average Profit Improvement Attained

More Profit!

 A Few of the Brands We've Helped...

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Specializing in PPC Marketing Services for:

Legal Services / Law Firms / Attorneys / Lawyers, Travel, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Dental, Education, Communications, SAAS, & Consumer Packaged Goods, Real Estate...

We'll Get You Maximum Profit Through These PPC Channels


Google Ads

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Microsoft Ads

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Facebook Ads

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Instagram Ads

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Pinterest Ads

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Snapchat Ads

We'll Get You Maximum Profit Across Your Customer's PPC Journey!

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Landing Pages

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Order Forms

Get & Stay in the Know with PPCPP Reports

...And We'll Give You a Business Analytics Platform to Monitor Our Positive Impact to Your Business!

All of your data in one place: Focus teams - Monitor Trends - Make smarter decisions!

  • Real-time business control center
  • Office TV Dashboards
  • Leaderboards for performance driven culture
  • New Trend insight engine

Do You Suffer From PPC Performance Issues?

Profit Challenges v2 (9)

Did your last PPC search or social campaign performance push fail?

Profit Challenges v2 (13)

Not sure how to bid thousands or millions of keywords to profit?

Profit Challenges v2 (14)

Unsure of how to test ads and landing pages properly to maximize performance?

Profit Challenges v2 (15)

Do you want more profit from Pay Per Click Marketing but don't know how to get it?

We'll Fix Your PPC Profit

PPC Profit Pros is your digital marketing agency for getting you maximized Search and Social PPC profits through Kenshoo and other top tools utilizing 20 plus years of profit focused experience!

We Have Extensive Performance Experience With The World's Best PPC Tools

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Keyword Bidding, Campaign Management, Reporting

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Advanced Ad Testing

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Advanced Landing Page Testing

Kenshoo, the World's Top PPC Marketing Performance Platform is Now Your New Secret Weapon

...especially helpful tool for us when bidding up to millions of your keywords into profit across multiple media & keeping your campaigns in sync, on target and within budget! Holistic reports tie up your performance gift with a nice bow!

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We Are Experts at Using Adalysis, the World's Top PPC Ad Creation & Testing Platform.  

...the issue is that it is a vast, complex tool and therefor difficult to pull the full value out of it.  Let us do the heavy lifting on the ad work to grow your profits.

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We'll Use Unbounce to Control the Last Part of Your Customer's Journey!

...this includes building, testing & measuring landing pages, popups, sticky bars, and your order forms!

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Our Advanced PPC Techniques Will Explode Your Profits & Give You an Edge Over the Rest!

Customer Lifetime Value Bidding

Attribution Bidding

Taguchi Multivariate Ad & AD Element Testing

N-Gram Analysis

AI-Powered CR Optimized Pages

Dynamic Search Term Page Injection

Archive of High CR Lead & Sales Forms

Advanced A/B Landing Page Tests

Profit Optimized Keyword Bidding

ROI Forecasted & Controlled Across Media

Offline Conversion Profit Maximization

Holistic PPC Performance Monitoring

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